Grace in Small Things: 11/365

1. Laying in bed with Dan thinking up potential baby names. We agree on two…and one of them is a dog’s name. Specifically, Dan’s sister’s dog’s name.
2. Hanging out with my sister in our old room playing Frozen Bubble side-by-side.
3. Home cooking. I noticed that when I was at home, I ate way less junk than I usually do because dinner was always so good. Nothing like homemade Indian food and two women standing over you insisting you eat more and more of it.
4. Cute frocks from Forever 21. Throw one on with flip-flops and it’s perfect for summer. Throw one on with leggings and boots and you’re dressed for the winter. Love ’em.
5. That kiss #4648463163213884 feels like kiss #1. Dan has the most smoochable lips.
6. Chapstick. The most simple (and most vital) part of any girl’s (or guy’s) make-up kit. Also, a total lifesaver during frigid Pennsylvanian winters.
* For Grace in Small Things 1-10, click here.

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