Million Dollar Idea: Build-Your-Own-Breakfast

You know what people love? Breakfast food.

Wakey wakey! Eggs and bakey...and hash browns, toast and coffee.

They love it in the morning right before work and they really love it late at night after they’ve been drinking.

Any time of day, you can approach someone and say, “Hey, wanna get some hash browns? Maybe some bacon or pancakes?” and nine times out of ten, they’ll respond with a positive answer.

So, I came up with a brilliant million-dollar idea — A made-to-order breakfast eatery in the vein of Chipotle.

Assembly line production featuring organic, naturally-raised ingredients.

You have two options – a sandwich or a bowl.

With a sandwich, you get your choice of English muffins, bagels, biscuits or a flour tortilla.
With a bowl, you get either scrambled eggs, grits or crumbled-up tortilla chips.

Eggs — scrambled, fried, over-easy or an omelet (Yes, you can get a scrambled egg bowl with scrambled eggs on top. If you love eggs that much, I’m not gonna judge)

Meat/Meat Substitute — Bacon, sausage, ham, chorizo, vegan sausage/bacon, smoked tempeh.

Incidentals — Hash brown patty, home fries, tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, onions, cheese, black beans, avocado, maple syrup, hot sauce (Tabasco and Sriracha), ketchup and salsa.

The combinations are endless!

You could make your own migas or a delicious VBAT (vegan bacon, avocado and tomato sandwich). Or, if you’re a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to breakfast foods, you could make a bacon-egg-and-cheese muffin that’s infinitely better than McDonalds’ because it’s made with real food as opposed to processed crap!

Our eggs are free-range and look like eggs! Our cheese is really cheese and not schoolbus yellow cheese product! Our produce comes from farms, not cans!

Sounds pretty good, right? Wouldn’t you love a custom-made breakfast sandwich and delicious cup of coffee to start your day?

So, any enterprising blogger out there want to go in on this million dollar idea with me? Not only would we make money hand-over-fist but we’d get all the breakfast food we could eat!

Who’s with me?


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