Nonpareils – #2

– This weekend, the Philly suburbs are supposed to get pounded with a blizzard. We’re expected to get anywhere from 12-16″ of snow. Holy shit, right?

Now, being a Florida girl who has never experienced a blizzard before – I’m already a little freaked and local news media is not helping to allay my fears. Last night, we’re watching the news and this insane reporter is babbling on about plow men being ‘warriors waging a war against the snow.’ When did this morph from a storm to Snowmahgedoon 2010 — Man V.s Nature: The Final Snowdown?!

It reminded me of Florida during hurricane season when local news anchors would start foaming at the mouths and freaking out about FEEDER BANDS!! and demanding that people HUNKER DOWN!! It’s ridiculous and the kind of panic-mongering that leads to grocery stores being cleaned out and people acting like idiots. No bueno, dudes. No bueno.

– Things I’m trying to Jedi-Mind Trick To My Desk And Failing At Making Appear: a megajuana quesadilla from TJ Flats, an Illy Americano with two creams and two sugars, my awesome LL Bean shearling flip-flops (coziest flip-flops ever), access to my music collection and Supernatural on DVD.

– I just realized that my date tomorrow has been called on account on weather. Augs and I were supposed to see Sita Sings The Blues and grab lunch at Elevation Burger, but I guess that’s not happening anymore. GD. BUT, the Bryn Mawr Film Institute is showing Raiders of the Lost Ark in April and I could not be more stoked.

– I’m kinda in love with Scott Fujita.

– Things I don’t do as much as I would like: visit art galleries, museums, blues clubs, cheese shops and beaches. Go to brunch. Get mani/pedis (even if it’s me painting my own nails while sprawled out in my living room). Play with dogs – preferably ones that answer to the names ‘Phoebedog’, ‘Maya’ or ‘Ryelybear’. Bake. Make mix CDs. I’ve got to change that.

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