The Island needs you. You have to go back before its too late.

Augs and I are heading back to NYC in May.

We’re going to wander around Manhattan, take lots of pictures, repeatedly question why we don’t live in a big city and see The New York Times presents Times Talks: “Lost” featuring Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof!

Exclamation point!
Exclamation point!
Exclamation point!

My favorite television show being discussed by two of my favorite showrunners in one of my favorite cities.


Again, words fail to capture how utterly excited I am about this.

Of course the odds of me actually meeting any of the cast or crew are about the same as Mr. Eko returning to Wild Monkey Island (read: nil), but hey — it’s a once-in-a-lifetime sort of event and a perfect way to kick off Lost Series Finale Weekend.

And hi — New York City. Huge bonus.

So, that being the case — I have two questions:

1) Who’s got the best bagels and coffee in Midtown West? This girl needs fuel for the serious line ride into the event and nothing fuels a body better than a buttered bagel and big-ass iced coffee.

2) What does one wear to something like this? I was thinking Dharma jumpsuit and then I realized that:

A) Um no. There is no way in hell I’m donning a Dharma Jumpsuit.
B) Odds of Josh Holloway being seduced by a pint-sized girl in a khaki jumpsuit: Less than zero. We’re talking negative digits the likes of which Daniel Faraday can’t even begin to fathom. Of course, there’s no mention of Holloway even being at the event, but on the off-chance he’s there — I’d really rather he see me and think, “Let’s get married and have ten thousand babies” than mentally scream, “NERD!” and run in the opposite direction.
C) Seriously. No way. I’m all for letting my Geek Flag fly, but dressing up for stuff like this? A line I’m unwilling to cross.

Lost! Darlton! New York! Exclamation Point!

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