Holy Shit, I Love You!

– GChat conversations because they allow me to have some truly epic conversations. Today, my buddy Will and I talked Lost, politics, race relations, the Algerian myth of the American dream, taxes and made references to Mayor Quimby, Hulk Hogan and Whitney Houston. One day, we wil sit on a porch, drink adult beverages and have conversations like this in person, but for now — GChat is a great alternative.

– Macarons. My boss brought me back some from Paris (’cause she’s awesome) and now, it is my mission in life to consume as many as humanly possible. Diabetes, here I come!

– The fact that I got to use the sentence, “problems with drug-dispensing robot’ today in an official capacity at work. As soon as I read that sentence, I got this image of a robot slumped in an alley, tourniquet wrapped tightly around his metallic arm, furiously clanging away, trying to get a vein to pop up. Can you tell it was a really long day? Like, really long?

– Popcorn. It’s delicious.

– Fountain Diet Coke in a big-ass cup. Kinda like the ones Lelaina’s always sucking down in Reality Bites.

The most profound, important invention of my lifetime… the Big Gulp

Reality Bites. You watch it when you’re seventeen and it’s great. Then, you watch it ten years later and it’s still great…but manages to be way more depressing and profound than you remembered. Also, Troy’s a total dickbag.


2 thoughts on “Holy Shit, I Love You!

    • Andrea – It’s a great movie and you should definitely check it out, but at this point — watch it more for the 90s nostalgia factor than anything else. Oh and if you’re a fan of My Sharona by The Knack? It will totally make your day.

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