Summer Afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.

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I am a lily — blooming in the sunshine and withering in the cold. So, obviously — living in the north makes perfect sense, right (what can I tell you? Augs is really cute).

Coming from a sub-tropical climate to one where people break out the shorts when the mercury hits the mid-60s is definitely an adjust and while I can’t deny that I’d much rather live in an annually warm climate, I have to admit that I love just how much more people appreciate the warm weather.

After hibernating all winter (the time of year where all I want to do is throw on a hoodie, ensconce myself in a blanket and eat cheese-covered carbs until it warms up again), I feel like I’m revived again.

Andrea wrote this great post about how she’s a person who likes to do things and you know what? I totally agree. While there is a big part me of who is essentially sedentary and wants nothing more than to sit on her couch and watch TV-on-DVD, there’s also another part who knows the world is wide, wild and wonderful and wants to experience it with everything inside of her.

(Hey, I am large. I contain multitudes, OK?)

And this summer, I plan to get out there and live.

Despite what the scienticians say, Summer 2010 begins on May 20 when Augs and I head to Manhattan. We’ll only be there for three days but that’s more than enough time to experience Lost TimesTalks (exclamation point!), chow down on a compost cookie from Milk Bar (sidebar: Anyone else want to drink/make out a little with David Chang?) and wander around a place so nice, they named it twice. Dear New York, I effing love you.

I plan on writing. I want to finish the story I’m working on, start writing a screenplay and continue blogging.

I plan on cooking. As I mentioned not too long ago, my culinary skills suck. I really hope I can begin the long process of rectifying this fact while I’m down in West Palm. Between my grandma, my mom and my sister — I should be able to learn something.

I plan on taking more pictures. There’s a lot of beauty out there and I really should be capturing it. Step one? Read the manual.

I plan on spending more time outside. The frosty Northeastern winters have drained the color from my flesh and I want it back, damn it. Looking like I’m kin to the Winters? Not so cute. Tawny hair and tanned skin? Much better.

I plan on being more physically active. I’ve long given up the notion that I’ll ever resemble Alessandra Ambrosio but that doesn’t mean I can’t have an awesome stomach and Michelle Obama arms (OK, so maybe not Michelle Obama arms but arms that can lift a milk gallon without feeling like they’re about to snap off). I hope to achieve this goal with the help of my co-workers and Sports Guy’s BS Reports.

I plan on reading more. I just finished The Notebook (don’t judge) and Brick Lane by Monica Ali (meh). I’m now starting on Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie. I want to read more Bukowski, more non-fiction and more magical realism. Suggestions are welcome.

I plan on discovering and rediscovering all sorts of good music. I realize nostalgia when you’re in your 20s is both irritating and pathetic, but I remember being nineteen and being riotously in love-love-love with music. The kind of love that turns a melody of diaphanous notes into something tangible that coursing through your veins like weapons-grade amphetamine. Somewhere along the line, this passion faded into the background, but I want it back and hopefully, I’ll find it again this summer.

I also plan on playing acoustic guitar on my patio, eating ridiculous amounts of Caprese salad (I made some last weekend and it was pretty fabulous), drinking lots of iced coffee, seeing more of the world around me (kinda want to visit Amish country — outlet malls and farm-fresh bread, cheese and produce? Is this Heaven? No, it’s Lancaster) and ending my crippling addiction to Diet Coke.

It’s going to be a good summer.

One thought on “Summer Afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.

  1. Have you read Rebecca? I finally did and it’s deliciously creepy! Also my favourite book is Son of the Shadows, but it’s second in a trilogy so if you want to do it right you have to read Daughter of the Forest first. Other than that, I’ve read like 5 books in the past 6 months that haven’t been for school, so I don’t have much for you. How the Soldier Repairs the Gramaphone is really good though, which I reread over xmas.

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