Grace in Small Things – 16/365

1. Getting my green card renewed! Thanks, USCIS!

2. The fact that my hair looks fabulous in aforementioned green card picture. I think I had just gotten my highlights, so I look blonde and kickass….as opposed to now, when my hair is like, sixteen different shades of brown and blonde.

3. Seeing a spider while taking a shower, being essentially paralyzed with fear (because one false move and I’ll wipe out in the tub), screaming for Augs and having him show up, coffee mug in hand to rescue the little sucker and give him a better life outside. I love that man.

4. They Draw and Cook. Gastronomy has never been so cute.

5. Dramarama. Probably the most underrated band ever. They should have been huge and for some utterly inexplicable reason, weren’t. It’s great power pop that makes you feel like the star of your own 80s movie montage. Start with Anything, Anything (I’ll Give You) and work your way out from there. I highly recommend Work For Food, Some Crazy Dame and Everybody Dies.

6. This made me happy. Also, who else has a account?

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