Hell, I still love you, New York

Taxi!. Originally uploaded by Joep R.

The plan for NYC:

(Look, I realize the geography’s all off and will definitely be revising my itinerary with the help of Google Maps before I leave)

– Arrive in Midtown.
– Check in, caffeinate and grab a bite to eat.
– Wait in line at the Times Center for the NYT TimesTalks: Lost.
– Read, discuss theories and hopefully, meet awesome Lost fans.
– Spend quality time with Darlton and 300+ Lost fans. Get some damn questions answered and see a surprise guest or two (kinda looking in your direction here, JJ). Bubble over with excitement. Get even more stoked for the finale.
– Head back to the hotel, marvel at the fact that we were just part of a Lost Q&A and that we are, in fact, sleeping in a shoebox.
– Wake up, grab a bagel and coffee and head out to explore.
– Think I see Ron Livingston. Almost walk into lamp post.
– Head over to Tribeca to check out the Ghostbusters Firehouse. Witness Augs morph from 27-year-old man to eight year old child in a matter of seconds. Take pictures. Fall more in love with Augs, fall more in love with NYC.
– Stop every five minutes to take pictures.
– Grab iced coffee at Think Coffee. Realize that nothing will ever taste as good as cold-brewed iced coffee. Resolve to make iced coffee only using this method from now on.
– Drag Augs to Marc by Marc Jacobs. Buy presents. Become remarkably beloved for purchasing Marc Jacobs goodies for loved ones.
– Grab Compost Cookie at Momofuku Milk Bar. Resolve never to eat anything else except compost cookies ever again.
– Drag Augs to The Strand. Begrudgingly agree that I do not need to purchase metric ton of book. Warn him that he better start working out for next library book sale.
– Spend quality time in Washington Square Park.
– Procure veggie burgers/Indian food (Suggestions? I’m thinking New York City Burger Company for burgers, but would appreciate a recommendation for Indian).
– Wander around Manhattan. Take even more pictures. Try to convince Augs to move to the city.
– Think I see Ron Livingston. Again. Barely avoid collision with nice Midwestern family.
– Arrive at hotel. Collapse from sheer, blissed out exhaustion.
– Wake up, pack and check out.
– Head to Brooklyn for brunch with friends. Laugh, eat and take lots of pictures. Try to convince Augs we need to move to Brooklyn.
– Head to Lush to pick up solid perfume. Get overwhelmed by awesome products. Purchase stuff I don’t need.
– Swear up and down that I really do see Ron Livingston heading into Duane Reade. Realize I’m wrong. Again. Face much mockery from Augs. Tell him I’ll be sure to keep him on my Christmas card list when I’m Mrs. Livingston.
– Spot vendor selling fake Kate Spade/Birkin bags in Times Square. Haggle. Feel momentarily bad about purchasing counterfeit bag. Realize that cost of real Birkin is worth more than one’s life. Stop feeling bad and hand over cash to new best friend.
– Get on the bus and head back to PA, happy and totally excited for Lost series finale.

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