Holy Shit, I Love You!

Hey Man, Nice Shot by Filter, Come Back Home Tonight by Sam Isaac, Manic Monday by The Bangles, 4th of July by Shooter Jennings and Seasons of Love by the original Broadway cast of Rent.

– Reading on the deck in the sunshine.

– My Flickr Favorites.

– Sitting with Ryely in front of the fire, his head resting on my lap. Charles Schultz was right — happiness is a warm puppy….even if the “puppy” in question is eight years old.

– The fact that WordPress now has a Tumblr-esque quick blog feature. Expect way more blogging.

– Augs. So, the past week sucked and I was stressed out and all sorts of out of sorts. However, I am lucky enough to be with a guy who excels at making things suck less. Be it a hug and a kiss dropped on the forehead, a long talk, dancing in the kitchen or simply saying the magic words, “Let’s get you some wine and Indian food.” Good man; lucky girl.

– The What’s In Your Bag? Flickr group. I am fascinated by the contents of a person’s bag and think it says a lot about them. Example — you find Dane Cook ticket stubs, an iPod loaded with the musical stylings of Alterbridge and Nickleback and bottlecaps of Natty Ice, you should probably run away and disinfect as soon as possible. Alternately, you find a copy of The Great Gatsby, ticket stubs to a midnight showing of Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang and an iPod containing a whole lotta Zeppelin, you say, ‘Hello, new best friend!” (Is anyone getting flashbacks to the episode of Boy Meets World where Shawn falls in love with Angela because of the stuff in her purse? Just me? OK).

So, that being the case, here’s what in my bag:

From the top left:

– Notebook complete with an I ♥ Hooters sticker. Because seriously, who doesn’t?
– An overstuffed wallet. You know, when I said I wanted a wallet so heavy, it gave my chiropractic problems — I meant because it was stuffed with cash; not because it was stuffed with receipts, fistfuls of coins and cards from everywhere from Borders to American Eagle.
– Picture of Augs from the first time we met.
– iPod Nano also affectionately referred to as Little Big Bird and featuring awesome playlists with names like Smoke + Whiskey (mostly classic rock and blues), Now We’re Cooking (jazz and pop standards) and Glitter, Tulle and Girlie Sounds (female artists).
– Bobby pins.
– World’s ugliest make-up bag.
–  Gigantic sunglasses.
– Assorted pens.
– Fender medium guitar pick — a relic from the days when I actually used to practice. I’ve really got to pick that back up again.
– Chapstick.
– Eyeshadow quad from Ulta.
–  Ouchless rubber bands.
– Mirror given to me by Augs’ mom. It’s got a picture of him on it and it might just be the cutest damn thing ever.
– Blackberry.
– Phone charger.
– Glasses case and glasses. I have terrible vision (20/20 in one eye; 20/400 in the other).
– Access card to office/I.D. badge.
C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve. A lifesaver for those dry, cold Pennsylvania winters.
– Extra Peppermint gum. I love smelly food — garlic, onions, stinky cheese — but bad breath? No bueno.
– Purell Hand Sanitizer.
– Eyeshadow brush, black eyeliner and Rimmel Glam’Eyes Lash Flirt Mascara — love this stuff. It’s va-va-voomy.
– Camera case for Casio Exelim.

How do I fit all this stuff into my bag? Magic or a possible kink in the time-space continuum.


3 thoughts on “Holy Shit, I Love You!

    • Hit ‘Tools’ on the left-hand side bar and it should be the first thing that pops up under ‘Press This.’

      Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  1. You need to “pick” that back up. Hahahaha.
    I LOVE Ulta, haven’t been there since left home for college! Need to find one pronto.
    I also have a Casio Exelim, yay!

    My bag has considerably less stuff. I must not be trying hard enough.

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