Grace in Small Things – 18/365

1. Pandora. Particularly the Bobby Darin station and the 90s station. Is 90s nostalgia pathetic? It’s been hitting me in a big way recently — I want to read Sassy magazine, wear plaid and watch countless hours of My So-Called Life and Party of Five.

2. When people say, ‘take care.’ Yes, you could write it off as a platitude, but it’s sweet.

3. Joseph Gordon Levitt’s blog. He’s pretty brilliant.

4. Dance ‘Til Dawn. Also known as the greatest 80s television movie in existence. The all-star cast makes the movie — Christina Applegate, Matthew Perry, Tracey Gold, Kelsey Grammar, Edie McGlurg, Alissa Milano, Tempestt Bledsoe and Alan Thicke — and even though the plot is waif-thin (it’s prom night at Herbert Hoover High. Let’s follow around these teens and see what kind of wacky hijinks they get up to!), it’s still a great way to spend a rainy weekend afternoon.

5. Personal emails. Not a Facebook comment or a stupid email forward but a quick note from someone you love.

6. Dinner on the roof deck at Mas Cantina. I highly recommend the grilled veggie tacos. You can never go wrong with roasted corn, avocado and lots of Oaxaca cheese. Especially if you’re munching on them while sipping margaritas.

7. Loveline. I was all about this show in the early part of the decade. For those not in the know, it was a syndicated radio show hosted by Dr. Drew (before he became a raging bag of dicks) and Adam Carolla. The callers were usually idiots but that was part of the show’s charm. Nuggets of useful information would get imbedded into your brain while you were laughing at the phone sex operator who didn’t know what the Holocaust was. I usually listen to episodes while I’m on the treadmill. It makes cardio way less tedious and seriously — when was the last time you laughed out loud while working out? As Adam Carolla would say, “Good times, baby doll. Good times.”

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