Blog Schmog, Or I Want To Be A Better Blogger

I want to be a better blogger.

This isn’t completely out of the question. It’s not like I’m suddenly deciding that I want to be a Tucano shaman or sing for the Metropolitan Opera.

I just want to do what I already do, but be better at it. And you know, not construct horrifically clunky sentences about the topic.

So, what does being a better blogger mean? Updating on a much more regular basis for one and I guess it also means I want to emulate the bloggers I respect.

They’re smart, funny and way ahead of the curve. They passionate, honest and really creative. They’re the kind of people you want to eat with. I’m not talking about merely sitting at the same table while eating; I’m talking a noisy affair where you spend as much time talking as you do eating. Where you taste something delicious and proceed to shove your spoon in their face and urge them to try it.

These bloggers play to their strengths — babies, relationships, food, travel or being essentially fabulous and well-dressed.

My strengths? Well….

Babies? Um, no. Not yet anyway.

Relationships? Yesterday, I told Augs I was going to stab him in the face. Why? Because he thought Kevin is a worse Cheftestant than Amanda (She sucks! She served booze to children; she’s kind of an asshole and grey tuna? Really? Dude, I don’t even eat fish and I know that’s disgusting. I’m Team Ed or Team Tiffany all the way).

Food? I like eating it but am by no means a chef. Or even a cook, really. I’m more of a culinary assembler. That’s why I can rock huevos rancheros and pizza, but fail miserably when it comes to making cookies.

Travel? I don’t do it nearly as much as I would like.

Being Essentially Fabulous and Well-Dressed? I would live in AE jeans, t-shirts and flip flops if I could. And my nail polish is almost always chipped. Not because I’m edgy but because I’m antsy and lazy.

But, there is this one thing.

I came across a pleasant surprise this morning when I opened up Google Reader. My So-Called Life Re-Watched had linked an old blog entry of mine — a recap of a My So-Called Life episode entitled The Substitute.

I used to recap television shows pretty regularly — Mostly The Hills, but also a handful of Lost and My So-Called Life episodes. And I was good at it. At least I think I was good at it. But more so than that — it was fun. I liked writing about Audrina’s calamitous/idiotic relationship with Justin Bobby and how Rickie Vasquez was a pretty seminal LBGT character.

So, I’m bringing it back.

I’m not sure which show I’ll blog about but I’m leaning heavily towards Party of Five. I own the first three seasons on DVD, I’ve been all about 90s nostalgia as of late and I get to ogle Matthew Fox and Scott Wolf for about 42 minutes. Or 21 Jump Street because you know what? Old-School Johnny Depp and I defy you to tell me that theme song didn’t rock your world.

However, I’m open to suggestions. Provided they don’t suck.

I’m not looking to be Heather Armstrong. I don’t want to be a blogging sensation who visits the White House and does what she loves for a living and had a ridiculously adorable family….and who am I kidding? I would love to be Heather, but I’m not going to be. And I’m OK with that.

I just wanna write. So I’m going to. And it’s going to good.

Oh and if you’re wondering who my picks are for ‘Blogger I’d Most Like To Dine With’, here’s a pretty good sampling:

Caffeinate Me
Bleubird Vintage
Fromme Me To You
Dear Baby
Gala Darling
Hyperbole and A Half
Lauren From Texas
Oh Hay, It’s KK
Slice of Pink
The Pioneer Woman
The Wild and Wily Ways of Brunette Bombshell
Yes and Yes
All Things Alishan
Literally, Genevieve Clare
Ramshackle Glam
A Beautiful Mess
The Glorious Bastards of Wordsmithery at Pajiba


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