My Sister Rules, Or Let Me Tell You About My Better Half

Only my sister (and Sports Guy) really understand the cultural importance of Beverly Hills 90210.

Me: Oh! Rich Cronin died!
My Sister: I know! Alex and I were discussing how The Summer Girls song makes no sense but he loves it
Me: It doesn’t make any sense. It’s just words that rhyme but it’s damn catchy
My Sister: “I like the color purple, macaroni and cheese”
Me: That’s a lyric? That’s Dylanesque poetry is what that is!
My Sister: Dylan from 90210, right?
My Sister: “I steal your honey like I stole your bike”
Me: Is there any other Dylan? I mean, that last lyric is totally evocative of, “My best friend, my best girl…”
My Sister: That’s what I thought


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