America Still Surprises Me, Or Dude, I Can’t Wait Until Thanksgiving

I’ve been living in the States for 16 years now and the country still manages to surprise me in wonderful ways.

When I first got here in 1994, I thought it was weird.

Your football wasn’t really played with feet, your television wasn’t commercial-free like the BBC and your news seemed to feature nothing but constant updates on this OJ fella who had sliced up his wife.

But I learned to appreciate all these little quirks and now? Well, anyone will tell you that I’m decidedly more American than I am English.

Well, last week I discovered another fabulous bit of Americana that I’d been missing out on.

Pumpkin pie.

I love Thanksgiving and all, but come on. Pumpkin pie? You actually expect me to believe that a pie make from an orange gourd would actually be delicious? Eff off! I’m from the land of Steak-and-Kidney and Eel Pie! I know bad pie when I hear it.

But last week, I went out to lunch with my boss (who is all sorts of an awesome foodie) and I tried pumpkin pie.

And it tasted like magic.

It’s this creamy, comforting hug in the shape of a pie. I love comfort! I love hugs! I love pie!

So, good job America! Your pie of pumpkins? Delightful.

Man, I can’t wait until Thanksgiving….


7 thoughts on “America Still Surprises Me, Or Dude, I Can’t Wait Until Thanksgiving

    • When you come up here, we’ll have to get you Pumpkin Spice Coffee from Wawa.

      I swear, I think the only reason I venture out in cold weather is to get Wawa coffee!

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