I Love The Internet, Or This is Exactly Why I Have a Platinum Google Reader Badge

Around the Clock at Waffle House — Besha Rodell spends 24 hours at Waffle House. It’s a pretty interesting glimpse into an American roadside fixture.

Confronting Life by Aaron Gouveia — Regardless of your position on the issue, it’s worth a read.

A Nearly Comprehensive Guide to Jersey Shore Gifs — I’m ashamed to admit just how hypnotic this was. Also, I think I’ve destroyed all but seven brain cells.

The Wrestler and the Cornflake Girl by Mick Foley — Probably one the best pieces I’ve read all year. I love how people continually manage to surprise.

Eggs in Purgatory — Hot sauce, fried eggs and a poetic name = the breakfast of champions.

80s Glam Icons: Shelley Long in Troop Beverly Hills — I wanted to be a Wilderness Girl so badly when I first saw this movie. Also, reason #4876421 I need to move to Los Angeles — the Downtown Independent Theater is doing is sing-along, dance-along, quote-along screening. You have no clue how badly I want to go and, ‘do the Freddy.’

The 50 Most Hated Characters in Literary History — I grew up voraciously devouring the Baby-Sitters Club books and have no shame in admitting that I am still down with the BSC. If for no other reason, than to mock them mercilessly (Mallory, no-one cares about you. No-one. Your stories were always boring. And Laine — you’re 13! How the hell are you working in a boutique? Does New York City not have labor laws? Also, seltzer? Really? Really?).

And the worst character in the entire series was undoubtedly Kristy’s step-sister, Karen Brewer. She was an annoying, entitled brat and definitely deserves the distinction of being the 15th Most Hated Character in Literary History.

To give you a little context, Karen Brewer is worse than:

– Bob Ewell (framed a black man for rape)
– Patrick Bateman (murderer/rapist who once tried to feed a kitten to an ATM)
– Voldemort (wanted to enslave humanity; murdered Harry Potter’s parents)
– The Joker (crippled Batgirl, murdered Jason Todd)
– Satan.

Karen Brewer is worse than Satan.

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