Grace in Small Things – 21/365

It’s been way too long since I did one of these, so that being the case:

1. Yelp. Dana has been a Yelper (Yelpist? Yelparian? Yelpistador?) for a while now and I finally joined the website myself. Why? Because I’m remarkably opinionated when it comes to food and if I have a good meal somewhere, I want people to know about it. If you’re looking to grab a bite in Philly or the surrounding suburbs, check out my account here.

2. The West Wing. I’ve started watching the first season and four things have happened:

A) It has reignited my crush on Bradley Whitford. He was ‘so cool’ in Adventures in Babysitting and he just kicks ass on The West Wing. He’s the guy you want in your corner — loyal, fiercely intelligent and passionate above all else. Also, really, really attractive. Really.
B) I’ve realized that Rob Lowe has never not been incredibly good-looking.
C) Watching the show fills me with this impossible sense of idealism that comes crashing back to earth when I realize that the show is a highly romanticized version of real life and that life on The Hill is probably nothing like that. You know what, though? I would love to see the Bartlet administration take on the Tea Party.
D) The loyalty of Sorkin’s characters never fails to move me. When Leo, Toby, Josh, Sam and CJ say they serve at the pleasure of the president, they mean it. They believe in what they do and would walk through fire for one another. They seem like genuinely decent people and honestly, you don’t see a lot of that on television.

3. New York City. I’m sitting here looking at a picture of Augs and myself on the Brooklyn Bridge and man, do I love that place. New York City is the big, thumpin’ heart of this country. I can’t fathom a more American place — so many different kinds of people living together relatively harmoniously. History, art, theater, architecture, music, food and above all, hope. If you can make it there, you can make it (bump-bump) anywhere. I NYC.

4. Oyster crackers. Not those poxy Communion-wafer thin kind, but those gnarly knuckle-sized knobs found at your better seafood joints. LOVE them. Why aren’t they more prevalent? They should be.


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