29 Before 29 Or, You Are Never Too Old To Set Another Goal Or To Dream A New Dream

Today is my last day as a 27-year-old and 27 was a pretty good year for me — I visited my favorite city in the whole world to see the showrunners of my favorite show in the world world, I discovered amazing coffee and eggplant pizza and I fell more in love with Augs, Big Star, Rob Sheffield, goat cheese and the addition of lemon slices in cold beverages.

Inspired by Drea’s blog (read: ripping off completely), here’s my 29 Before 29 — goals I want to accomplish before March 11, 2012.

Some are silly (#5 consists of cold-brew coffee + condensed milk. A chimp could do it), some are somewhat admirable (#14 and #26) and all will be documented (#19).

1. Make English Pea Soup.
2. Learn how to play more than just Frere Jacques on the guitar.
3. Read at least three American classics — any recommendations?
4. Blog at least once a week.
5. Make Vietnamese Iced Coffee.
6. Go out to lunch by myself.
7. Complete a scrapbook.
8. Stop drinking Diet Coke at work and home.
9. Perfect my pizza recipe
10. Make homemade gnocchi just like Fabio’s grandma (Undoubtedly, this will end in tears and starchy calamity).
11. Travel to anywhere that isn’t Florida, Jersey or Delaware (Dear NYC — I miss you so much. Let’s hang out soon)
12. Dinner and a Movie Night with The Godfather.
13. Learn how to make potato and pea curry just like Mom.
14. See if I can actually run/walk briskly for 5K without having a lung collapse.
15. Finish the short story I’ve been writing for almost two years now.
16. Start up a book/movie/music exchange program,
17. Try Morbier cheese.
18. Make a video for my blog.
19. Revamp the blog.
20. Take a good collection of photographs of me and Augs.
21. Make a memory book for Mom and Paps.
22. Organize my closet — donate clothes I don’t wear anymore, do something with all my shoes and start purchasing clothing that emphasizes the fact that I am an adult and not some quasi-androgynous 12-year-old tomboy.
23. Update my resume.
24. Pick a signature (gin-based) cocktail.
25. Donate old books.
26. Pick a charity to support.
27. Start planning a wedding. Even if we don’t have the cash to do it, a plan never hurt anyone.
28. Dye my hair blonde-ish again.
29. Start watching Glee.

5 thoughts on “29 Before 29 Or, You Are Never Too Old To Set Another Goal Or To Dream A New Dream

  1. Since you need to clean your closet, here are some blogs that will help inspire you. Look past the initial crazy and just try it; it’s addicting!

    I just had to look up the words to Frere Jaques lately since I’ve forgotten them since I was 4, and am now with little kids again.

    I’ll try to think of some American Classics. My mind only seems to want to focus on British stuff.

    I miss curry. My acid reflux is back and I can’t eat Indian food. I cry at night. It’s worse that it’s readily available and homemade at work, and I have refuse.

    I wish I lived near you so we could swap clothes and books. I’m in the process of doing the same.

    • Book/Movie/Clothing Swap would definitely be happening. Ditto mp3 exchanges because I know you have awesome, awesome taste in music.

      As for curry, have you tried the milder stuff? Reflux is a pain in the ass, but hopefully something mild wouldn’t affect it too much. Try Mutter Paneer — the Indian version of Cheesy Peas.

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