Thank You Or, 28: So Far, So Good

Jack is my favorite ex-co-worker EVER. In addition to fully understanding my love for Mean Girls and Paula Deen Riding Things, he also gives the best birthday presents ever. Case in point:

Yes, Camden is chockful of raping, thieving murders with hygiene issues (Sorry New Jerseyites, but y’all know this is true), BUT Jack works there! And there are Sharpies! Who doesn’t love a good Sharpie?

My 28th birthday was pretty fantastic — I got a lot of good wishes, got a sweet text message from Paps that made me cry at work (note to self: buy waterproof mascara. The raccoon look doesn’t look good on Ke$ha and it doesn’t look good on you), got the new Bourdain book and a Bukowski compilation, ate a lot of treats (including Magic Cake made of hopes, the dreams of pixies and the innocent laughter of children….or y’know, chocolate chips and cinnamon sugar), drank a little sloe gin, had a Biggie song dedicated to me and tomorrow — I get to spend quality time eating burgers with the love of my life.

So far, so good. Twenty-Eight, I think we’re going to be friends.


2 thoughts on “Thank You Or, 28: So Far, So Good

    • Thanks honey! I am having CRAZY Dana withdrawals (teeth grinding, cold sweats, hallucinations of that awesome bar we set up for your birthday at Pegasus Pointe…) and really hope I get to see you guys soon! MISS YOU!

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