Music Nerds Unite Or, When Was The Last Time Someone Referenced Mr. Mister?

Eighty-five percent of the conversations I have with Will end up with us debating the finer points of pop culture minutiae that no-one has referenced in over a decade.

Jaime: I’m still trying to convince people that Richard Marx rocks.
Will: hmm… you might be fighting that battle solo. But this is coming from someone who thinks Broken Wings by Mr. Mister is grossly overrated.
Jaime: Marx will be right there waiting for you. Wherever you go. Whatever you do. You have to respect that sort of fealty.
Will: Because he’s a creepy stalker. Along the lines of Sting and the Police creeping on some juvenile.

Laugh all your want, but I’m going to make some serious cash in bar trivia contests one day…


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