Peeling Back The Laminate Or, That’s Why You Won’t Get Isabella Rossellini – Geography.

It’s been a couple of years since my last update, so I’m peeling back the laminate and inducting a couple of new additions to my laminated list.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, the Laminated List is a concept popularized by Friends and is essentially a list of five celebrities you can cheat on your significant other with without fear of repercussion.

So, without further ado — here’s my list. Straight ladies and gay men? You’re welcome.

Oh and by the by – the category is totally accurate. This post really is nothing more than a thinly veiled excuse to post pictures of ridiculously attractive men.

5. Dave Grohl

Age: 42
Known for: Being the lead singer of Foo Fighters, an epic drummer/songwriter/raconteur and an all-around bad-ass good guy. Also, lover of bacon.
One Damn Good Reason He Deserves A Spot On The List: The entire Foo Fighters catalog.

4. Brian Fallon

Age: 32
Known for: Being the lead singer/songwriter of The Gaslight Anthem and being an inked up, blue-collar Jersey boy who sings like Springsteen and screams like Strummer. Also, for rocking a flat cap better than anyone else alive.
One Damn Good Reason He Deserves A Spot On The List: The ’59 Sound album.

3. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Age: 30
Known For: Walking on the wall in Inception, seeing Angels in the Outfield and essentially being every manic pixie dream girl’s dream boy. Also, a triple-threat. Did you guys see him host SNL?
One Damn Good Reason He Deserves A Spot On The List: He plays guitar and sings in French.

2. Bradley Whitford

Age: 51
Known For: Hyper idealistic political bad-assery as Josh Lyman on The West Wing, being the only person on earth Matt Albie ever really loved on Studio 60 on The Sunset Strip and being the only dude in the history of ever who looks good with a Ron Jeremy ‘Stache. Also, he was ‘so cool’ in Adventures in Babysitting.
One Damn Good Reason He Deserves A Spot On The List: Because Aaron Sorkin’s amazing dialogue sounds even better when it’s coming out of Whitford’s mouth.

1. Ron Livingston

Age: 44
Known For: Slacking off in Office Space, delivering a killer pep talk that I still refer back to in Swingers and being the best looking man in Hollywood. A man who would reduce me to a simpering, blushing, idiotic slip of a girl, fully incapable of doing much more than making a few vowel sounds and then, running away utterly mortified. Also, I’m pretty sure the man hasn’t aged a day since 1995.
One Damn Good Reason He Deserves A Spot On The List: He’s Ron Livingston.

I think it’s safe to ascertain that I dig artists. Any man who can weave a story can weave his way into my good graces.

That’s my Laminated List. Who’s on yours?

P.S. – I may talk a big game, but in actuality — wild horses couldn’t drag me away from Augs. Blue eyes, a Gatsby smile and a heart so big, it could crush this town. What girl wouldn’t want that?

5 thoughts on “Peeling Back The Laminate Or, That’s Why You Won’t Get Isabella Rossellini – Geography.

  1. I have two lists:

    1. Richard Hammond
    2. Richard Hammond
    3. Richard Hammond
    4. Richard Hammond
    5. Richard Hammond

    However, if the universe does not see me fit to have Richard Hammond 5 glorious times, I have a backup list.

    1. Richard Hammond. He’s SUPER cute, I love his hair no matter what it does, and I’m sorry, he could probably be hideous but with that sense of humour and amazingly cute little-kid-at-heart delights I would love him all the same. Luckily he’s not! omg.

    2. Bradley Cooper. Also has amazing hair and is hot like a golden tan god. While Richard Hammond has a very attractive personality, Bradley might be NOTHING like the parts he plays and I wouldn’t care. After all we’re here for a good time, not a heart-to-heart chat right?

    3. James MacAvoy. That pout, and that accent, and I’m swooning.

    4. Bradley Whitford. Because, again, I love his hair (I’m a big hair girl), and he kicks ass. Granted I’m probably more in love with Josh Lyman than Bradley Whitford but let’s be honest, Brad has all the looks in that role. 😉

    5. Nathan Fillion. Oh my god I would do Captain Mal of Firefly so fast. And he’s fun in other roles too. Again, I like a funny guy.

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