29 Before 29 Or, #29 – Start Watching Glee

Approximately, 7.8 billion people told me I need to watch Glee.

“It’s so cute! You love things that are cute!”
“It’s about music! You love music!”
“It’s on Fox! You watch things that are on Fox!”

I started watching Glee on Saturday night around 8:00 p.m.

As of right now (Monday afternoon), I have watched 10 episodes, am all about Team Kurt, have this deep desire to pitch a slushie in someone’s face, teared up during the scene with Sue and her sister (what, dudes? Stuff about sisters makes me emotional), have decided that I want to dress like a less twee Emma Pilsbury and cannot get Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin‘ out of my head.

As usually is the case, everyone was right – I love it. It’s a cute, fluffy and completely false representation of high school. But, here’s the thing – most television shows (barring My So-Called Life and Freaks and Geeks) are a totally false representation of high school.

Beverly Hills 90210 — Dylan McKay lived in a hotel, drove a motorcycle, had wicked awesome sideburns and dated Brenda. That last one alone is disqualification for realism because Brenda Walsh sucks.

Dawson’s Creek – I’m not going to address the hyper-eloquency of the cast, but rather mention that in reality, Dawson would have had girls beating down his door. And by girls, I mean me. All I ever wanted in high school was a cute boy to watch movies with (and I totally got one, so keep hope alive).

Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Umm, vampires, bug men, Incan mummy girls. Also, Xander was way too cute to be considered a social loser. Oh! And the FBI seriously isn’t investigating the abnormally high murder rate in Sunnydale? Seriously?

Veronica Mars – OK, there was entirely too much rape* and murder** afoot in this show BUT, my girl V.Mars did make terrible, terrible decisions regarding her love life, so realistically? It all pans out (although, as my sister pointed out – Logan Echolls also lived in a hotel while attending Neptune High).

Saved by the Bell – Mr. Belding was a little too comfortable with his male students. Pizza parties in Zack’s bedroom? There’s no way he would have kept his job after that story came out***.

High school shows are supposed to be escapist because if there’s one place a teenager wishes they could escape from, it’s the tiger cage that is their high school. You get up entirely too early, you have to deal with sixteen different kinds of bullshit before first period even starts, your hormones are a mess and you can’t even go to the bathroom without asking first.

It’s hell and I wish I could high schoolers that it changes, but stuff like that basically stays the same. Most of us still wake up way too early, we deal with twenty seven different kinds of bullshit before we’ve had our first cup of coffee and our biochemistry finds new ways to terrify us everyday.

We don’t have to ask before peeing, though so +1 for adulthood, I guess?

Anyway, back to the show – I’m a fan and will definitely be watching season three when it returns this fall. Glee is a thoroughly entertaining way to spend 44 minutes and not to get all moral majority asshole on you, but it conveys a pretty good message — follow your passion, embrace the differences and when it comes to music? Crank it up.

Five down; 24 to go.

P.S. Even though I like the show, I’m totally with Dave Grohl on this. Just because some television show asks to use your music, you’re not obligated to give up the goods. And all things considered, the notion of New Directions covering Springsteen makes me stabby. Sorry dudes, but some things are sacred.

Also, THIS.

* Fuck you, Mercer. You were the worst of the worst and I hope Logan broke every last one of your ribs when he attacked you in your jail cell.
** You know what would have been awesome? If Lynn Echolls returned and had killed Aaron in classic icy femme-fatale film noir style.
*** I thought Mrs. Belding was this giant seacow of a woman but as you’ll recall from the episode where Tori and Zack helped her give birth in the elevator, she was actually pretty hot.


3 thoughts on “29 Before 29 Or, #29 – Start Watching Glee

  1. Not true, sorry. Once you graduate high school and enter retail, you definitely have to ask to leave register to go to the bathroom. :-p

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