I’m No Lady But I’m A Helluva Dame Or, Conversations With Funny People

Excerpts From Random Conversations I’ve Had Today:

Jaime: There needs to be more Zidaney headbutting in football.
McGillis: I wish I’d known better back in 2006. I would have been cheering on the eye-tie assault
Jaime: I tried to convince you, but no — you and Biffle cheered on the Eye-Ties to victory while your Java Bean lamented all by her lonesome. There was a tear in my beer that day, my dear.
McGillis: Well it’s not like we could take your word for it. First, you’re a girl so can’t be trusted in the ways of sports and second, you’re a Brit and simply can’t be trusted.


X: When are you getting your hair dyed for your trip?
Jaime: I already did.
X: Oh. Did you do it yourself?
Jaime: No…..

Oh yeah. My ego is firmly in check.


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