29 Before 29 Or, #24 – Pick A Signature (Gin-Based) Cocktail – Bluecoat and Tonic

Every adult beverage has a stereotype attached to it.

Beer – Nectar of the common man. Best served at a ballpark on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Whiskey – The bad-ass’ drink of choice. I associate it with my buddy Pepe who rides a Harley, majored in math and waxes philosophical about Li Po.

Vodka – What people drink to get drunk.
Flavored vodka – What annoying girls drink to get drunk
Cotton Candy flavored vodka – What assholes drink to get drunk.

Tequila – What you drink when you’re already drunk.

I am a gin girl, through and through. Don’t get me wrong – a well-blended margarita hits the spot and nothing accompanies nachos and football better than a Bud Light (I know. I know. Stop yelling), but gin?

Well, to appropriate the words of Galileo — gin is light held together by water.

And what kind of people drink gin? Dames – those lovely ladies who are quick with a quip, perpetually amused and likely to break your heart. Also, alcoholic writers who’ve had their hearts crushed like the dame was putting out a cigarette on the sidewalk.

One of my 29 Before 29 Goals this year was to pick a signature cocktail. I figure now that I’m a blurry approximation of an adult, I should have a standard.

My qualifiers were pretty simple:

A) Gin-based. See aforementioned slavish worship of said beverage above.
B) Simple. The half-caf, extra foam, three pump nonsense flies at Starbucks, but not at a bar.
C) Universal. You can find this cocktail everywhere from Berlin to Bombay.
D) Cool. As in served ice-cold. As in refreshing. As in understated. As in something Don Draper would drink. As in doesn’t make you look like an asshole when you order it. Because let’s face it – no-one looks cool ordering a Pink Flamingo or a Rumple Minze.

So, paying tribute to both my English upbringing and my currently home in the Philly suburbs, my signature cocktail is a Bluecoat and Tonic.

Spirit snobs will appreciate that it is a small-batch dry, aromatic gin made from organic botanicals, is distilled five times and blended with triple-filtered water…

….But if you’re like me and just looking for a really damn good cocktail – all you need to know is this.

Bluecoat Gin tastes like magic (if we’re operating under the premise that magic tastes like citrus, rosehips and juniper berries) and you should do everything in your power to procure some right now.

Seriously. It doesn’t matter that you’re at work. Your boss will understand. Especially if you make them a G&T with it. Hell, you might even get a promotion.

Nine down, 20 to go.

(FYI: Bluecoat Gin did not pay me to write this post, but if they wanted to send over a bottle? I’d have no complaints)


4 thoughts on “29 Before 29 Or, #24 – Pick A Signature (Gin-Based) Cocktail – Bluecoat and Tonic

  1. First of all, those descriptions of alcohol are SPOT ON. I will quote you on this one day. Second… I want to try this gin. I LOVE GIN. GIN GIN GIN.

    • And this is why I love you. Because you totally understand the importance of eating and drinking well. Also, gin = magic.

      Firenze Osteria on Lankershim in Toluca Lake serves Bluecoat and apparently, they have a pretty killer happy hour too. I don’t know how far that is from you, but if you get the chance – you should check it out.

      Also, I’m in L.A. right now and I’ve gotta tell you – kinda love your city.

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