I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, Or The Googles! They Do Nothing! Part II

A couple of months ago, I posted an entry on search terms that lead to this blog and I think it’s high time for an update.

The top three searches for Too Sweet For Rock ‘N Roll are:

bruce springsteen 85
the challenge rivals nudity 36
bruce springsteen and the e street band 33

A majority of the hits I’ve gotten since that entry  have come from people looking for information about the Real World/Road Rules Challenge. Not surprising considering my weekly recaps of Rivals.

What is surprising, though (even though it really shouldn’t be) is just how many of these people were looking for naked images of the cast members.

Really dudes, really? Of everyone alive, you guys want nudes of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge cast members? Well, you’re not going to find them here but hey, happy hunting!

Some of my favorite searches in regards to the show are:

– “johnny bananas has a small penis” — I don’t know if this is a question or a statement of fact, but I’m perversely proud that my blog pops up when someone searches for it.

– “ct’s penis challenge” — I have no idea what kind of grueling physical activity this would involve, but I’m relatively certain the FCC would forbid MTV to air it. Now, please excuse me while I purge everything I have ever eaten ever.

– “team chowderhead” — YES! I love the fact that someone actually searched for this! And in honor of that, here’s Team Chowderhead cocking Wes’ gun:

Image courtesy of RW/RR Challenge Tumblr.

However, if you weren’t searching for the Real World/Road Rules, here’s how you probably got here:

– “tiny skirt” — I’m not really known for my immense stature so most of my skirts (and shirts and dresses and pants) are tiny. In fact, my co-workers like to play a game they call, “Dress or Shirt” when it comes to my wardrobe. Despite my insistence that my dresses are not shirts, I’m roundly voted down every single time.

– “running commentary on the great gatsby” — Now this is a great idea, although I’m not sure how to execute it. I might have to wait until Luhrmann’s Gatsby comes out on DVD and then, do a running diary.

– “john dickinson high school locker room” — I have no clue how this is affiliated with my blog, but apparently JDHS is located in Wilmington, Delaware, their mascot is the ram and I’m sure their locker room is delightful.

– “foo fighters epic win” — Foo Fighters are equal parts epic win, badassery, Dave Grohl’s penchant for drag and bacon.

– “sulky woman pics” — I’m not sulky.

– “the gaslight anthem ‘wild horses'” — I wish, dudes. My life would be made sixteen kinds of complete if one of my favorite bands covered one of my favorite songs.

– “I’m gonna stop being nice to some people” — I say this too and then, I fold like a cheap beach chair.I hope you have better luck than I do.

– “wow, shes just my type!” — Thank you! Your type must be ‘awesome’ and I congratulate you on having such good taste. I thank you for your interest but I’m a one-woman kind of guy. And my guy? Kind of amazing.

– “ways to make somebody’s life hell” — What?! Why would this come up? I don’t advocate making the lives of others hell. Life is tough enough — let’s not add to it.

– “i want anthony bourdain’s life” — Me too. Especially when he goes to those agroturismos in Italy. Wine, cheese, bread and the Italian countryside? It sounds pretty perfect.

– “reasons the foo fighters are gay” — I don’t think any of the band members are gay but if they were — it wouldn’t change a damn thing. They’d still kick ass.

– “victoria’s secret kind of girl” — Barking up the wrong blog, jefe. As much as I appreciate their products, I’m certainly not that kind of girl as outlined here.

– “asswheel spicy” — What? That’s…that’s not a thing in this world and if it is, I don’t need to be affiliated with it as it sounds terrifying.

– “father paps” — Yup. Paps is my father and the sole reason I am as verbose as I am. All his fault. Take up any issues with management.

– “Ron Livingston Gif” — Welcome kindred spirit! You can find a vast and very wonderful collection here, but I am all about instant gratification so enjoy! Oh, what? Like I’m not going to take any opportunity to post an image of him.

Dudes, I can’t even….Yeah. Just….yeah.

One thought on “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, Or The Googles! They Do Nothing! Part II

  1. What American classics have you decided to read this summer? (shut up it’s still summer until at least 23 September and after that when it gets cold)

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