A Belated New Year’s Entry Or, 525,600 Minutes In Laughter, Yoga and Cups of Coffee

2011 was the year I finally became an adult.

Adulthood isn’t bestowed upon you the minute you turn 18 and get a voter registration card. It doesn’t come part and parcel with your first apartment, hangover, serious break-up or Bob Dylan album.

It just shows up on your doorstep one morning and says, “You done fighting me yet? We ready to do this thing?” and you put on your slacks and sensible shoes and go with him, all peaceable-like.

2011 was the year my grandmother died.
It was the year I went to the movies solo and took ten different flights by myself.
It was the year I hiked to the Hollywood sign, ate all the food ever and learned how to make pomodoro sauce and pea-and-potato curry.
It was the year I started doing yoga and chopped off all my hair.
2011 was the year I learned that I am tougher than I thought I was.

Don’t get me wrong — I still devolve into an emotional wreck every time those ASPCA commercials come on (damn you, Sarah McLachlan. I can’t even with the sad puppy dog eyes scored to Angel) but I’ve become pretty good at handling life without falling to pieces.

So, my plan for 2012 is simple – blog more.

Initially, this sounds stupid.

Really, dude? Your plan is to blog?

Whoa, Lady Macbeth. Easy on the ambition.

BUT, here’s the deal — if I’m blogging more, it means I’m doing more.

It means I’m reading and watching and visiting and cooking and listening and taking pictures and forming opinions and basically, living a life more well-rounded than the one where I sit on my couch, munch on popcorn and watch Law and Order: SVU marathons on USA.

So, that’s the plan for 2012 – do more and blog about it.

Oh and eat more kale. It’s really good for you and I need more leafy greens in my diet (also, this recipe courtesy of We Are Not Martha looks delicious).