February Photo A Day Challenge Or, Carry This Picture For Luck

Last month, I started a daily photo project in the hopes of being more conscious of the world around me.

It’s working out well so far and I’m starting to notice things that I would usually just gloss over.

Then, I heard about this

and realized it’s actually pretty perfect for my purposes. Also, cute typography. I’m a sucker for it. Seriously — I will pay twice as much for something if it’s emblazoned with a cute font and good design.

So, for the month of February — I’ll be taking pictures based on the prompts. I’m looking forward it and if you’re so inclined, you should do it too.

Tumbl it. Tweet it. Blog it. Flickr it and when you do, use the hash tag #febphotoaday.

P.S. — To the two dudes working on the Instagram for Android app — I will buy you delicious pastries and good coffee if you make it happen sooner rather than later.


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