Holy Shit, I Love You!

I’m having a day, right?

I’ve basically regressed into a whiny seven-year-old and I’m just not having any of it.

My everything hurts. I feel like hyperactive children used my back as a bouncy castle while I was sleeping.

I managed to give myself like, seventeen papercuts and stabbed my cuticles several times.

My ear is still blocked up because y’know, there’s a fucking hole in it. Sorry – I’m just a little worked up about the fact that I have a ruptured ear drum.

Little Big Bird died this morning (LBB is my iPod and he chose to croak right as I was listening to Dashboard Confessional. Late-era Dashboard where he goes electric and develops a sense of humor).

And then, I read this article which both broke my heart and incensed me.

Then, I read this and just….No. I will go crazy and drag everyone with me if this gets off the ground.

Just…Yeah. It’s been a day.

So in the interest of not completely morphing into a sore-headed old crank that nobody likes, I have done the following:

A) Taken a Butterball-infused bath. Obviously, I’m talking about using a Lush bath bomb. I’m not going to huck a frozen turkey in the tub with me. That would be weird. And gross. And unsanitary.
B) Worked on a couple of care packages.
C) Painted my nails
D) Create another Holy Shit, I Love You list to remind myself that good things exist in this world and you’ve got to take happiness wherever you might find it.

So, here is a list of things I currently love (holy shit) that you should check out too:

Jack’s Mannequin’s Instagram gallery.

Kate Spade’s Instagram gallery

Ruth Reichl’s twitter – The most poetic and evocative 140 characters you’ll read about food anywhere.

Stephen Colbert’s interview with Maurice Sendak, author of Where The Wild Things Are.

Gary Oldman recapping Jersey Shore. Gary Oldman is my homeboy. And if he doesn’t win the Oscar for Best Male Performance, I will legit go Shoshanna Dreyfus and burn down every movie theater in the country.

An Open Letter From Comic Sans.

– Getting an Obama 2012 bumper sticker in the mail.

Oh and speaking of my president, THIS. A million times this.


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