30 Before 30

Twenty nine - balloons, Tex-Mex, frozen yogurt, fruity margaritas, ruby red slippers, cappuccino, Ron Livingston and Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.

It took me a month to come up with this list. A solid month of mulling things over and determining what was genuinely attainable and what was a pie-in-the-sky flight of fancy (visiting a flamenco bar in Madrid with Dana, hiking in the Grand Canyon, adopting a rescue dog and naming him Fitz – all things that are not feasible this year but hopefully, will be soon).

So, in no particular order — here is my 30 Before 30. Here’s to good things, meeting goals and becoming a more well-rounded person.

Or, in the words of Coach Taylor – clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.

1. Read the collected works of Shakespeare. The comedies, the histories and the tragedies all available here thanks to MIT. Any lit nerds out there feel like doing tutor duty and discussing our boy Billy Shakes with me? I’ll buy the coffee.

2. Make gazpacho from scratch.

3. Organize my mp3s. Album names, cover art – the whole bit.

4. Make more tea. Drink more tea. Fully embrace those English and Indian roots. I visited Pom Pom, fell in love with their tea special (raspberry peaches and creme) and figured making my own tea is probably both cheaper and healthier for me than Diet Coke.

5. Five Dinner and a Movie Blog Posts. Last year, I made spaghetti pomodoro and watched The Godfather. It was a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to doing it again. Any recommendations?

6. Become a much more active Yelpistador. As the daughter of a small businessman, I know how important good word of mouth is and if you like a place, you should tell people. Last month, I became an Elite Member, so I figure it’s something I should keep up with. Also, sometimes when you give people a good review – they hook you up with parsley-herb sauce.

7. Learn how to apply lipstick. Not some pinkish-brown subtle shade but statement lips – bright pink or va-va-voomy red. Since I can barely apply Chapstick, this should be entertaining.

8. The STTOY Project – Saw This, Thought Of You Project. Basically, I’ll be sending more care packages and cards. I picked this goal for two reasons:

A) Getting an unexpected card or treat can turn your whole day around. If it makes someone happy, it’s worth doing.

B) I love the Post Office. Along with the public library, it is my favorite government organization. Think about it. I can cram a box with assorted goodies and send it to a loved one all the way across the country for the low price of $10. Ten bucks! That’s it! And for the meager amount of $0.45, I can send a card from Capetown, California all the way to Eastport, Maine. They’ve gotten a bad rap and this is my small way of supporting a great institution.

So, I’m sending at least ten care packages this year.

9. Familiarize myself with the work of ten poets who aren’t Charles Bukowski. Any recommendations?

10. Email people I don’t know. Again, a bit odd, so let me explain. My life is filled with awesome stuff created by people I don’t know – art and articles, blog posts and books. So, if I come across something, like it and discover there’s an email address attached to it? I’m sending an email to say so. (Besides, sending an email to someone I didn’t know is how I ended up with Augs. Smartest thing I ever did…besides the decision to flat-iron the shit out of my hair).

11. Make bread from scratch because bread is magic.

12. Incorporate more leafy greens into my diet. Eat more kale, drink more green smoothies, sub spinach for iceberg whenever I can.

13. Go to the gym/do yoga twice a week. Yes, that’s a pathetic goal BUT it’s one I’m much more likely to achieve than if I set my sights higher, abolish carbs from my diet and decide I want to look like Adriana Lima by the time I’m 30. The plan is to print out a hi-res image of Ron Livingston, slap it on the treadmill and run towards it.

Any excuse, y'all. Seriously, how is this man even real?

14. Buy a domain name and establish a much prettier and more functional blog. I’m going to need help with this, so any advice would be much appreciated.

15. Maintain my GoodReads account and read 50 books. Last year, I essentially forgot how to read. This year, I will not be falling victim to the same folly. I am planning on wearing out my library card.

16. Make samosas from scratch. Every time I order samosas, they pale in comparison to the ones Mom makes. I’m tired of being disappointed by the wrong spices and a skewed crust to veggie ratio, so I decided that it’s high time I learn to make my own. Expect disaster. And cursing.

17. Get properly fitted for a bra (thanks for the inspiration, Drea!). Ninety-two percent of honeys be walkin’ around wearing the wrong size bra. Ninety-two percent, yo (and if you get that reference, we’re destined to be best friends). I am the 92% (in addition to being the 99%) and need to rectify this.

18. Make a memory box. I have a bunch of stuff from Augs just hanging out in my crafting supplies – cards, petals from the first bouquet of flowers he ever got me, a leaf in the shape of a heart we found – So, I figure I should craft a special place to keep it all. Also, painting on wood.

19. Keep a bottle of champagne in the fridge at all times. Breaking out the bubbly for special occasions is great but you know what’s even better? Champagne, bread and cheese on a Tuesday night. Just because.

20. Play one song on the guitar that isn’t Frere Jacques. For real this time.

21. Make a video for It Gets Better.

22. Make Orangette’s tomato sauce for Dinner and a Movie with The Godfather II (this is separate from goal #5. Wanna come over? I’ll make popcorn too)

23. Send self-created Christmas cards.

24. Take a good collection of photographs of me and Augs — take two because seriously dudes, he is so cute.

25. Learn how to do smoky eye-makeup. My eyes are like a damn Disney Princess and it’s about time I learned how to make them up right.

26. Make a piece of jewelry.

27. Completely overhaul the short story I’ve been working on for the past four years so that way when I re-read it, it doesn’t make me want to throw ALL the things.

28. Make a video for the blog. One that doesn’t feature excessive cursing, the ingestion of Vegemite and the worst shot of me ever committed to film.

29. Go on a real date with Augs. We’re lo-fi and a great date for us usually consists of going to the movies and grabbing a really good burger afterwards. But this year, I want to go on a real date with the best-looking guy in the room. One where we dress up, order cocktails and go for a moonlit walk or something afterwards. .

30. Get a piece published.


4 thoughts on “30 Before 30

  1. Thanks, honey! You should do one too — I would love to see your 31 Before 31.

    Oh and I’m totally serious about that flamenco bar thing. First round and tapas are on me!

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