Texting With Paps Or, Mom Loves Tim Tebow More Than Us

A conversation about Tim Tebow being drafted to the New York Jets

Me: So, is Mom a Jets fan now…?
Paps: Have the Jets snapped up Tebow? Oh, Prafulla is going to be so pissed!
Me: Pissed schmissed. She’s gonna start cheering for those jerkfaces because her boyfriend plays for them!
Paps: You’re right. She cheered for the Broncos when they played the Dolphins last year – “Go on Tebow! Go on Timmy! You can destroy them!” And the bastard did!
Me: Damn. Now that he’s got both Jesus AND Mom on his side, how can he lose?

Not surprising, really, My sister graduated from UF the same day as Tebow and Mom actually cheered louder for “her Timmy” than for her own child.


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