30 Before 30 Or #7 – Learn How To Apply Lipstick

Today was a good day. I didn’t even have to use my AK…

Wait. That’s Ice Cube, not me.

But today really was a good day for several reasons — there was a Buffy episode bonanza on Logo, I got a free caramel macchiato and a birthday gift from Sephora, I saw 21 Jump Street with good friends (blog post to come) and I got a make-over and met make-up mogul, Bobbi Brown (she’s really nice and tiny).

I don’t really know anything about make up. Mom raised us with the belief that we didn’t need it.

A line of reasoning that works when you’re this flawless, green-eyed beauty like Mom, but not so much when you have a forehead the size of an IMAX screen, skin that possibly inspired The Exorcist and a mouth that looks like it was dropped on your face as if in casual afterthought.

As part of my birthday present, Augs’ mom, sister and I headed to Nordstrom and got our pretty on.

Theresa was less a make-up artist and more a magician. I don’t know how she did what she did but after 30 minutes – I looked like a polished grown-up as opposed to a mad toddler run amok in her mother’s make-up bag.

And best of all, she taught me how to embrace color and apply bright pink lipstick, thereby helping me complete the first of my 30 Before 30 goals.


One down, twenty nine to go.

Oh and don’t worry – one of my 31 Before 31 goals is to learn how to take pictures without looking like a total dipstick.

I predict failure.


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