Why We Blog Or, These Words I Write Keep Me From Madness

Me-Me asked me an interesting question this weekend.

Why do I blog?

The first thing that came to mind was Bukowski — “These words I write keep me from madness.”

Would I plummet headlong into screaming despair and mania if I stopped writing? Take up drinking as if I were training for the Alcoholism Olympics? Have a bad day where I actually had to use my AK?

No. Probably not.

But I wouldn’t be myself.

It’s more than love and more than a voracious compulsion. It’s autonomic. Writing is the thing I must do to make my world make sense.

I love the high noon showdown with the blank page — the cursor the only one blinking between us.

I love rummaging through a thesaurus, trying to eye a ruby amongst ruins.

I love staring at the screen, my fingers tango-ing over the keyboard while I purse and pucker my lips trying to figure out how to make these words dance for me. Do I want them to skitter and scurry or crash down like the hammer of an enraged and forgotten god? Do I want these words to drip honey sweet or blister and bite?

And more than anything, I love the satisfaction that comes with crafting a good sentence. The kind that makes you lean back in your chair, stretch your arms behind you and exclaim, “Damn it, Oliga! You’ve done it again*.”

I blog because I really like to talk. I have opinions and thoughts and feelings and stories and anecdotes and pop culture references and innuendos and the chronic inability to just shut up.

I blog as a way of keeping in touch with my family and friends. When they read my blog, my parents get to see that I’m still alive and functional (despite eating popcorn for dinner two nights last week. Calm down, Mom. Not only is popcorn high in fiber but it has more antioxidants than fruit! That’s super healthy. Yes, fine. I know. It’s not as healthy as a glass of milk. I know. I know. But milk tastes like garbage. It does, Mom. It just does).

I blog because I’m big on sharing. When I hit upon something I love, I become its campaign manager. Holy shit, I love this thing and everyone must know about it. Everyone. Blogging makes sharing so much easier.

Case in point – deep-fried pickles. I know, dudes. I know, The Snooki affiliation is unfortunate, but you’ll forget all about that little orange hobgoblin the moment you try one. Depp-fried pickles are sweet and salty and tangy and DEEP FRIED. And they usually come alongside ranch or some sort of horseradish-infused condiment. Seriously — get on this train.

I blog because I’m inspired by other bloggers. Because I’m inspired by writers and artists. Because I’m inspired by people in general and the world at large. And this inspiration has to go somewhere.

I blog because I can.

I’m not trying to be Heather Armstrong or the Pioneer Woman and make a living from blogging. It would be cool, but that’s not the end goal.

There is no end goal.

I just want to write. And so I do.

* Oliga was my high school English teacher and one of two men that really fueled my lust for the written word. Every time I write something I’m proud of, I throw the guy a shout out. A little good karma for all he did for me.

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