We Few, We Happy Few Or, DND This Weekend, Dudes

So, this is happening.

If you see me within the next couple of weeks and I have this idiotic grin on my face (well, more so than usual) – it’s because I have watched the following repeatedly on a big screen:

What? Seriously, what? Like, how is this even a real thing in this world? The first time I saw this, I pretty much had a heart attack and couldn’t form cohesive words or thoughts for like, fifteen minutes.

And then, there’s this:

Dear God, this man is a walking Prince song.

In addition to Livingston, the rest of the cast is pretty phenomenal too:

Tom Hanks – He co-produced the series with some dude named Steven Spielberg – I don’t know who that kid is, but the name sounds vaguely familiar.
Michael Fassbender – Everyone wants on this dude’s jock. Even George Clooney.
Donnie Wahlberg – Shut up. He was awesome in The Sixth Sense.
James McAvoy – He played Professor X in X-Men: First Class. Not a patch on Patrick Stewart but who is?
and Neal McDonough – Dudes, are you watching Justified? You really need to be watching this show. It’s phenomenal. Hands down, my favorite show on television. Smart, well-written, complicated and well-acted. Oh and goddamn if McDonough didn’t kill it last season as Robert Quarles – the sociopath with a “big, stupid baby head.” Watch Justified. Seriously. Just drop whatever nonsense it is that you’re doing and just pop in the first episode. You’ll be hooked. Promise.

So DND, dudes – Do Not Disturb.

Unless you’re bringing over pizza and gin. That would be fine.

Just, y’know – shhhh. Trying to watch something over here.


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