Note To Self #4

Boots are ridiculously hard to pull off.
Nothing is more attractive than a ‘hongry’ girl eating a sandwich. And by more attractive, I mean, ‘Dear God! Kill it with fire!’
A park in the middle of the city a deep breath in the middle of chaos.
Cheese plates will always be ordered.
Wawa is a way of life.
Dude, you will never be tall.
Punk rock cocks. Always cool. Always funny.
Autumn hayrides are awesome…even if straw gets stuck to your butt and you end up roasting marshmallows next to a petulant two-year-old whose parents don’t quite understand the deadly qualities of an open flame, a sharp pointy stick and the magma-like propensity of molten sugar.

Fall is actually kind of beautiful. Especially when you share it with people you love.


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