Ten Things I Am Thankful For Or, Dude. Thanksgiving is Legit The Best Thing About America Ever.

In no particular order.

Friday Night Lights — The first season is perfect and makes me feel ALL THE FEELINGS. If a sense of hope doesn’t rise effulgent within you while listening to one of Coach’s speeches…well, you might be dead inside. Also, Devil Town by Tony Lucca, Landry, the relationship between Coach and Mrs. Coach, the fact that I cheer just as loudly for the Dillon Panthers as I do for the Miami Dolphins and as ever, Tim Riggins. All day. Every day.

– Rob Sheffield — He is one of the best writers out there and a legit pop culture geek with a heart so damn big, it could crush this town. He wrote two of my favorite books, he writes a consistently good column for Rolling Stone and he’s one of the only writers I’d wanna go out, ply with alcohol and sing karaoke with.

Justified — Seriously, dudes. It’s the best show on TV. No. No. Shut up about Mad Men and Breaking Bad. They’re good. Great, even. But Justified is better.

– President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden — I’m better off now than I was four years ago. Now, let’s get to work on those next four.

– Dogs flopping on their backs for bellyrubs — Not another soul will love your rotten bones the way a dog does and there is no greater joy than giving a dog bellyrubs.

– Mom’s cooking — Not just my mom’s (even though she is legit the best cook ever. Oh, what? Does your mom make her own cheese for mutter paneer? No? Alright then) but anyone’s mom’s cooking. Every mom I have ever met has fed me right. And for a girl who loves to eat, there is nothing better than home-cooking.

– Text messaging — I have these wonderful people who eat well and then, send me pictures of their food. They get it and I love them for it.

– This Hemingway quote:

Because really, what more could you want?

– Any conversation with my sister where we reference Usher and R. Kelly’s Same Girl. Actually, any conversation with anyone where we reference this song.

– This conversation between myself, Biffle and D:

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