Merry Christmas Or, Happiness is a Warm Sandwich

My Christmas wish for you is that you get to eat a sandwich.

A perfect one with crusty bread, really good cheese and maybe an oozy fried egg or some avocado action and your favorite hot sauce.

And I hope it comes with a heaping side of warm and salty kettle chips and a frosty cold beer or fountain Diet Coke.

This is pretty much the nicest thing I can wish for and I really hope you get it.

Merry Christmas.

Here’s to all the good things.


(Yes. I am fully aware of the fact that I look like a total chowderhead in this picture, but dudes, I’m eating a sandwich containing both remoulade mayo and garlic-sauteed spinach. I swear, in this moment – I am infinite legit insanely happy.)


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