Holy Shit! I Love You!

It’s been a while, so let’s dust off this old chestnut, shall we?

Starbucks Vanilla Rooibos Tea Latte


I grew up in a tea-drinking family – I learned how to make a good cup of chai when I was seven and my grandfather used to drink multiple cups a day – but I was never a big tea drinker. I gravitated more towards coffee because dear God, is anything more redolent of the bodily emissions of angels than a good cup of coffee?

But a girl gets tired of skinny blonde mistos and wants a little something different. Especially when it’s bitingly cold outside. So, I ordered a vanilla rooibos tea latte and was rewarded with a hug in a cup. A warm, sweet creamy kiss of vanilla and cinnamon that pulls double duty by warming your hands. It’s kinda perfect and I’m sure I’ll be running out to buy an aerolatte so I can make it at home.

John Frieda Hair Dye Foam

I dyed my hair last weekend.


It went from every shade between black and honey blonde to a dark brown with cherry cola highlights….even though the box said Medium Golden Brown.

Huh. Right then…

The dyeing process was a bit of an ordeal as I spent about 45 minutes yelling in the bathroom:

“What the….Black gloves? Jesus, am I dyeing my hair or working at a black site?”
“Oh my God. Why isn’t my hair foaming up like the woman on the box? Now I know how Marcel felt. Foam, damn it! Foam!”
I got a pocket, got a pocketful of sunshine…

Almost thirty and I still haven’t mastered the art of basic female maintenance.

So, even though my hair is considerably darker than anticipated, I actually really like it…and this will last for about two months at which point, I’ll decide, “Hey, you know what would be great? Annoying blonde highlights that are hell to maintain!”

Beastie Boys


I forget how much I love the Beastie Boys until I hear them and then, it comes rushing back to me – holy shit, has this always sounded so good?

However, I’ll admit that the first time I heard the Beastie Boys – I was utterly confused.
Dudes, how is this hip hop?
These are three skinny white boys who look like they belong in a 70s cop show (my first exposure was the Sabotage video).
Hip hop isn’t like this.
It’s like this and like that and like this and uh.

But it stuck with me. Because the Beasties continually redefined the boundaries of music. Yeah, you could take that funky drummer and give him back to James or you could stir fry him in your wok and make something even more delicious. Also, there isn’t isn’t a more joyous noise to make unto the Lord than screaming out, “NO! SLEEP! ‘TIL BROOKLYNNNNNN!” at the top of your lungs. Try it the next time you’re driving. You’ll see.


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