And babies. You have to plan for babies, otherwise they’ll just run roughshod over your entire existence.

I’ve been hearing this really faint ticking noise lately. Barely audible, but it’s there.

I first noticed it when I started reading Dear Baby (quite possibly the world’s cutest blog).
It got a little louder when Dan and I visited a friend in the maternity ward. I have no idea how anyone could resist Cullen’s tiny fingernails, whispery eyelashes or amazing baby smell.
Then, I found out that my best friend from middle school is pregnant.
Then, I went to the Magic Kingdom and my ovaries essentially exploded (wow, that’s a disgusting visual).

Do you have any idea how many ridiculously adorable children visit the Magic Kingdom? And subsequently, do you know how many of these already ridiculously adorable children wear hoodies with ears, thus further amplifying their cuteness to near heart-stopping levels?

Kingston Stefani Rossdale

Ridiculous, right? Walking around that place, I got all sorts of broody and started thinking about sunlight filtering through gauzy nursery curtains and acoustic George Harrison and Smokey Robinson and reading Shel Silverstein poems before bedtime.

That being established — Am I ready to have a baby right this minute?


I can’t look after houseplants, I curse way more than any mother really should (I called Andie McPhee from Dawson’s Creek, “a piece of dogshit” a few days ago. One of my finer moments, no doubt), I forgot to put the chicken in the fridge yesterday (sorry, love) , I consider a handful of pretzels a decent lunch and am are nowhere near financially stable enough to support another family member.

But I’ve been thinking more about it in a much more serious way. While Dan and I aren’t ready yet, in a few years – I want to be a mom and I think hope I’ll be a good one.