Honest To Blog

Sarika: Paps has a blog.
Jaime: Wait, what? What? What?!
Sarika: Yup. Paps has a blog.
Jaime: Dude! No way! Have you seen it?
Sarika: He won’t let me, but I asked him why he had one and he said, “I’m very popular on my forum, Sarika.”

This comment was followed by hearty guffaws and the stark realization that I truly am my father’s daughter.

I’ve been blogging for about ten years now and I started where many fresh-faced bloggers do — Livejournal.

My best friend (Hi Gabs! So happy we reconnected again!) introduced me to the site when we were seniors in high school and it was pretty much less-than-three at first sight.

I’m a relatively garrulous person so Livejournal was a great outlet for me. I opined often — about boys I had crushes on, about school, music, family, friends, pop, girls etc….

But I was never completely open about my life. I may wear my heart on my sleeve but make no mistake, that sucker is swaddled up pretty tight.

Instead lieu of opening up and really talking about my life, I’d post song lyrics or movie quotes.

It sounds cryptic and cool until two things became painfully obvious:

1. Susan Storm isn’t as transparent as I am. I mean, I share the news that my ex dumped me (rather unceremoniously via telephone) and then post lyrics from Babyface’s When Can I See You? It doesn’t take Freud to figure out that I was having an issue letting go.

2. I’ve been listening to Babyface ad nauseum for the past week and now, have posted lyrics to one of his sappier numbers on my Livejournal. Adios, limp-wristed grip on cool. Hello, homey confines of dorkery.

I was always honest, but that honesty was filtered through lyrics and dialogue and other people’s angst.

Flash-forward to me as an adult and I’m still filtering myself through pop culture.

I’m hoping to change that, though.

This year, I made myself a few promises — to finish the fiction piece I’m working on, to collaborate with Dan on a screenplay, to publish more than my own blog and to be honest. Even when it’s not pretty. Especially when it’s not pretty.

Hopefully, the following will help provide the inspiration for me to do just that.

Blogs I love-love-love:

Caffeinate Me — I get the feeling that if I ever met Andrea in real life, I’d spend my time eating delicious food and exalting a Monica Gellar-Bing-esque, “I know!” every five minutes or so.
Apricot Tea — I discovered this blog via Andrea and holy cow, this girl can write. She’s eloquent, passionate, funny and whip-smart. She’s also stunning and dresses how I wish I could — with confidence and like an adult.
Starting Over at 24 — Totally defunct now, but when he was writing, SO (or Brandon as he’s known in the real world) was funny, poignant and could whip out pop-culture references like no-one else. He’s the Sports Guy of relationships and considering how much I adore Sports Guy, that’s a huge compliment.
Slice of Pink — Janet is a total inspiration. Smart, classy and with great taste.
Suburbabble — Holly Actman Becker’s funny, frothy and generally kickass guide to being a mom in the suburbs.
Amor Del Viaje — Dana is the kind of person every girl wishes she had for a BFF…and lucky me, I do.