Beach Song Or, The Cure For Anything is Salt Water – Sweat, Tears or the Sea

pier 3 square by m greenbaum photography
pier 3 square, a photo by m greenbaum photography on Flickr.

I didn’t realize just how much I missed the beach until I moved more than ten minutes away from it.

Growing up in South Florida, the clean, sharp tang of saltwater tangles itself up in your life.

Last time I was at Lake Worth Beach, I could practically taste the seafoam. I remember turning to my sister and saying, “It smells like high school.”

The scent of salt, sand and seaweed reminds me of senior prom – cute boys, huge dresses, glitter and teenage idiocy.
It’s star-scattered nights where the air hangs heavy like wet velvet. You spend the hours, swatting at mosquitoes and talking about everything and nothing all at once.
It’s summer storms where you race to your car, slip-sliding in soaked leather flip-flops and fiddle with the handle before finally getting in. You sit there, sticky and disheveled rocking out to Bush as you wait for the storm to pass you by.

It’s home.

I spent Memorial Day weekend in Rehoboth, Delaware with some amazing people. I took in deep lungfuls of salty Atlantic air, I drank gin and tonics while reading Hemingway, I played with dogs, I dug my toes into the sand and I watched as my skin became my own again — warm brown sugar with the creases at my elbows so dark, they’re almost blue.

It was perfect and if that isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.

Happy Independence Day Or, The Fireworks Are Hailing Over Little Eden Tonight

_MG_6909-85 by JMaloney
_MG_6909-85, a photo by JMaloney on Flickr.

If you’ve been downhearted, disspirited, disgusted, dispossessed, downsized, analyzed, stigmatised, fractionalised, retropsychedelizised, Republicanised…

It´s not too late to repent….

I’m here tonight
I’m here tonight
I’m here tonight
I’m here tonight
I’m here tonight
I’m here tonight
I’m here tonight
I’m here tonight

I wanna re-educate you

Resuscitate you
Regenerate you
Reconfiscate you
Reindoctrinate you
Recombobolate you
Resexualate you
Reliberate you

With the power and the glory
With the majesty
With the mystery

With the ministry of rock and roll!
That´s right!
With the ministry of rock and roll!
That´s right, that´s right

Now unlike my competitors
I shall not
I will not
I cannot promise you life everlasting

BUT I can promise you life….right now!

And all you gotta do is raise your hand and say ‘I’…..”

– Bruce Springsteen. 12/06/00. Madison Square Garden, NYC.