Plus/Minus: The Snow Day Edition


+ Working from home wearing pajama pants and a hoodie.
+ Endless cups of good coffee.
+ The ability to listen to Justin Timberlake and Bill Simmons’ BS Reports while I work.
+ Looking to my left and seeing Augs – tapping away on his laptop, listening to Howard Stern and intermittently, breaking into laughter.
+ Watching Honey, I Shrunk The Kids and episodes of Supernatural in the middle of the day.
+ Pizza!


– The fact that I can’t see out of my bedroom window due to the snow.
– The killer electric bill that I’ll be getting in a few weeks.
– I don’t know when or even if I can get to work tomorrow. A shovel only goes so far.
– Not having access to everything I need to work from home.
– Easier access to food leading me to consider officially changing my name to Fatty McButterpants.