Photo courtesy of Dana

Things that are essentially guaranteed when I’m hanging out with Dana:

– I will laugh my ass off.
– I will gossip and it will be awesome.
– I will take inappropriate photographs.
– I will eat really, really well.

We started off at Village Whiskey, Jose Garces’ place in Rittenhouse Square. In addition to having grass-fed burgers, they’re also known for their duck fat fries. Being a vegetarian, I missed out on all of these carnivorous delights but their veggie burger more than made up for it.

Photo courtesy of Veggicurious

Made with lentils and served with guacamole and this amazing red cabbage slaw, it was one of the best burgers I’ve ever eaten.

Then, we hit up Capogiro for gelato and holy-holy, I am in love.

Photo courtesy of Dana

Here’s the thing — I don’t even like ice cream. When I think of a treat, I think chips and fresh salsa or perhaps a bathtub filled with gin, tonic and lime.

But Capogiro? Incredible. I walk in the place and the first thing I see is Ramos Gin Fizz flavored gelato. Let me repeat for those in the cheap seats — Gin. Flavored. Gelato.

Dudes, can we talk about this for a second?

It’s like they knew I was coming and made a batch just to make me happy. And I was! Deliriously so! I also tried the Thai Coconut Milk (D says it changed her life and I can totally see why) and the Burnt Sugar which tasted exactly like the best part of a creme brulee. Anyone who comes to Philly for a visit, expect quality time at Capogiro. Biffle — I’m looking in your direction and essentially forcing you to get the banana-rum flavor so I can eat a bite of it like old-times. I may be 1000 miles away, but I’m still going to eat your food.

We also spent some quality time at DiBruno Brothers Italian Market which essentially smells like what we assume Heaven would smell like.

Dana: My favorite kinds of cheese are the ones that give you really bad breath for like, hours afterwards.

And this is why she’s one of my best friends, ladies and gentlemen. I simply cannot respect someone who isn’t down with the stinky cheese.

She’s also one of my best friends because she’ll do things like this with me:

Photo courtesy of Dana

It’s not a successful visit until you’ve licked a public landmark.

In addition to being a bit of a foodie wonderland, Philly is also known for its street art.

Photo courtesy of Dana

OK, so not all of it is awe-inspiring, but hey — you gotta love any city that embraces public art!

It was an amazing time and I cannot wait to see her again.

D — I miss the hell out of you and can’t wait until we get to see each other again! Hopefully, we can catch up this summer. We should totally plan a foodie tour of West Palm! We start with Cuban coffee at Havana and then, work our way from there. You in?