She’s crafty and she’s just my type

Everything now and then, I am possessed with the spirit of Martha Stewart’s way less talented, foul-mouthed bastard sibling and I get a little crafty.

This usually manifests in two ways — cooking and paper crafts. This weekend, I managed to do a little of both.

Augs and I got a pizza stone for a housewarming present (thanks again, Gwen and Peter!) and it’s become the most used item in our kitchen. Lately, we’ve been tinkering with our recipe and lately, we think we’ve struck gold. Before putting the dough in the oven, we slather it with a combination of garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper. The result would make Ray himself hang in his head in shame. OK, maybe that’s a gross overstatement but the pizza is damn good.

The pizza stone was a pretty shade of taupe when we first got it. Now? Uhhh, not so much. But it makes a killer pie.

A pound of dough.
Bottled marinara sauce doctored up with onions, garlic, olive oil, salt and a little sugar (it helps cut the acidity of the tomatoes).
Mozzarella cheese.

Fifteen minutes later, you have dinner! It’s pretty awesome….especially when coupled with Lost on DVD.

As for the paper crafting, that actually has its genesis in the kitchen as well (most things do, in my life). We’ve been trying to eat healthier and stick to a schedule of real dinners as opposed to eating out. I found a grocery planner on Design Sponge and decided that instead of attaching it to my dingy, brown clipboard, I wanted to make something pretty.

A trip to Michael’s and a Superglue mishap later, I made this:

(Please excuse my crappy, generic carpet). Kinda cute, right?

It only took fifteen minutes and was way easier than I expected it to be. Would Martha approve? Probably not, but I’m sure her way less talented, foul-mouthed bastard sibling would give me a gold star…and then, buy me a Tom Collins. MWLTFMBS is cool like that.