He Loves The Snow. He’s Told Me 15 Times Or, The Internet Boy and Internet Girl Get To Shovelin’

Scene #1 – The idiot who grew up in South Florida and has no real comprehension of snow. For example, did you know that shoveling it is a remarkably difficult task? Firstly, it looks like marshmallows but weighs as much as Stay-Puft. And secondly, the icy conditions on the ground mean constant slipping. Even more so if you’re cursed with the motor-coordination skills of a drunken toddler.
Scene #2 – It’s a heart! Or, you know – a misshapen teddy bear head.
Scene #3 – The guy who’s lived through almost 28 brutal Pennsylvanian winters and actually knows what to do in cases of SnOMG — keep your head down, shovel your spot and get back inside as soon as possible.

SnOMG 2011 Or, I’m looking for something that can deliver a 50-pound payload of snow on a small feminine target

A view from my front door. The four steps leading to the landing have completely disappeared and we’re having intermittent ‘showers’ as the snow collected on the roof falls to the ground, but you know what? This girl has homemade popcorn, hot chocolate, an internet connection and a pretty fabulous pair of boots, so it could be worse.