A recap of my morning thus far:

– Leave for work late since we had to wait on the snow plows.
– Open front door (located directly underneath a covered awning) and realize two things: 1) The wind blew snow all the way up to our front door. 2) We can’t see the steps leading up to the front door.
– Navigate snow-covered steps and experience life flashing before eyes.
– Scrape snow off car and in doing so, manage to whack myself in the face with a shovel. Granted, the shovel was made of plastic, but still. I whacked myself IN THE FACE with it. No bueno, dudes. No bueno.
– Singalong with Augs to Dave Matthews’ Ants Marching. Discover we don’t know all the words. At all.
– Realize the drive isn’t that bad as long as we take it slow.
– Cross third traffic light and immediately start to question status as first world nation. Road basically looks like the set from John Carpenter’s The Thing.
– Get quasi-stuck in a snow bank. Augs somehow manages to get us unstuck and in doing so, becomes my hero.
– Decide to trek up to the Blue Route.
– Pass by the Philadelphia Pretzel Factory located right next to Starbucks. Do not stop. Do not purchase Americano the size of head and steaming hot soft pretzel. Continue to work.
– Arrive at work. Step into the cold. Immediately lose sensation in extremities.
– Mentally kick self for not purchasing aforementioned coffee and soft pretzel.
– Have started regaining sensation in extremities.

I’ll keep you posted.

Edit: 8:07 p.m.

– Spent a quality chunk of time at the office.
– Try to win tickets to Dave Matthews concert via radio station. Fail.
– Come home to find a delivery from Mark. Discover that I love the smell of lemon sugar.
– Eat pizza, shower, change into a shirt from 2001 and start feeling human again.
– Realize Real Time with Bill Maher is on tonight. Rejoice!
– Make plans with Augs to hit up Shutter Island and Classic Diner tomorrow.
– Day ends up being much better than it started.