So, This Happened…

This week was kinda all over the place.

I got some bad news, got some more bad news and spent several hours just being quiet, sad and introspective.

BUT, a lot of good things happened too and since 2014 is the year we aspire towards happiness, we’re gonna focus on them:

– Piglet races. How did I go thirty years without experiencing this glory? Cute little piggies dash towards victory and little nibble bits of Oreos. It’s the cutest thing in the world and the fact that I didn’t steal one, bring him home and rename him Harry Trotter? Nothing short of a miracle.

– I hung out with rad people and discovered that little girls who eat ribs and rock Hello Kitty are even more awesome than they sound.

– I know that everyone’s all about bowing down to Queen Bey, but hand to God – I just don’t get it. She’s fine. She’s got a killer body. Her Superbowl halftime show was perfectly serviceable, Crazy in Love is totally my jam and I am all about the Carters because THIS:


But Queen? Really? Yeah, no.

D and I had a pretty epic conversation about that this week and basically decided that if there’s gotta be a queen, it’s gonna be Diana Ross.

She’s all big hair, big eyelashes and badassery and Bey? Watch the Throne but don’t take a seat because that space is occupado. Seriously. Listen to anything Miss Ross did – solo or with The Supremes – and then, come at me.

Also, Prince is King (because obviously), the Right Reverend Al Green has been elevated to Archbishop, Aretha is High Priestess and Janet is a straight up Warrior Goddess because seriously bro, what HAVE you done for me lately?

This Week I Ate: Cupcakes for Paps’ Birthday (edible glitter, y’all), vegetarian pho with a super flavorful broth (which is a total rarity), a ridic amount of Mom’s lemon pickle, a deep-fried buckeye (a glob of chocolate-covered peanut butter about the size of a child’s fist, covered in batter and deep-fried), a piece of toffee enshrined in chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt (pretty sure I now know what crack feels like) and a garbage-ass coconut cream pie Larabar that tasted like lies.

Holy Shit, I Love: Shimmery gold nail polish, the Lana Del Rey cover of Once Upon A Dream from Maleficent, pretty much any conversation between Raylan and Boyd, Bonkers Awesome with Joy the Baker and Mindy Kaling’s Instagram because cute shoes, cuter puppies and consistently fucking fabulous eye-makeup.