Whoa, This Is Heavy, Or I’ll Always Have A Crush on Marty McFly

Augs: Hey! Come here! I wanna show you something. Watch this.
(I watch the video posted above)
Augs: Isn’t that….? Are you…are you OK? Oh my God, are you crying…?
Jaime (sniffling): No…No….It’s just….It’s Marty McFly! This is my childhood! I love this movie.
Augs pulls me into a hug.
Augs: C’mere. Let it out.
Jaime (still sniffling): Thanks…Love you.
Augs: Love….Wait. You’re not pregnant, are you?
Jaime: What?! No! No! I just really love Back To The Future!

Look, I’m the girl who wants to my wedding recessional to be the Back to the Future theme. Can you really fault a girl for getting misty over her favorite movie?


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